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The Truth About Generics

There are two groups of drugs - the original (brand) and generic. The first group represented by expensive drugs, the second - those that are several times cheaper than the first. Surveys show that not more than 20% of patients know about their existence and the difference between these groups. That is why the issue needs more publicity.

Original drug - is a new development of the pharmaceutical company, which was first to discover it, synthesize and launch patent protection for many years (usually 20). During that period, the drug is produced by that single company. The original the drug is most often unique in its kind and among competing companies.

When patent protection ends, generic drugs start appearing at the market. Basically, they are drugs-copies of the original ones. And they are cheaper because subsequent producers do not need to spend money on their development - they work with a ready medicinal product; there is no need to prove drugs' safety and effectiveness in extensive researches.

However, generic drugs must be made in accordance with the requirements of GMP standard. In addition, WHO (World Health Organization) imposes special requirements on the equivalence of the original drug generics - they are required to determine bioequivalence, pharmaceutical equivalence and therapeutic equivalence. Therefore, buying generic Viagra, Cialis and Levitra you may be absolutely sure about their quality and effectiveness because these generics are manufactured on licensed facilities in India, companies like Ajanta Pharma ( Cipla ( and some others.

To understand the differences between the original and generic drugs, review the table below.

Item of comparing Equality to the original More details
Active substance Yes Manufacturers of generic drugs are required to monitor their drug to meet quality standards and to be identical to the brand.
Effect Yes Since the active ingredient (often the entire composition of the drug) of generics the same as the brand, then the effect is identical.
Name No Generics cannot be called by brand name, as it is copyright infringement. They are usually referred to by the active substance.
Shape and color of pills No The shape and color of pills are also intellectual property of pharmaceutical companies and may not be copied.
Price No Generics are much cheaper than brands.
Composition Yes Composition of generics may differ only in certain auxiliary ingredients.

Sex Life Has Reached a Deadlock?

No matter who you ask, the conversation is sure to go down on the drugs Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. In recent years, they have become very popular and gained the trust of the majority of patients. And contributed to a global awareness that people receive through the media.

Among the reasons for sexual disorders - endocrine disorders, cardiovascular disease, injury, trauma, inflammatory processes in the urogenital organs, medications that reduce arousal and sensitivity, smoking, alcohol abuse, a sedentary lifestyle. However, whatever is causing the problem, it can and must be fought.

Nowadays, having problems with potency - is not a shame. Men are no longer silent and have begun to actively talk about their pathologies not only in medical offices but also in public discussions. Men are willing to seek and find an effective way out of this situation and regain full sexual life.

Statistics conducted by manufacturers of Cialis, Priligy and Levitra, say that these drugs usage positively evaluated by more than twenty million patients of different ages and different etiology of the disorder. Through treatment with these drugs, the vast majority of patients were able to cope with the problem of erectile dysfunction and return to the normal sexual rhythm.

When properly taking, these drugs do not have a negative impact on the male body. So, for those who wish to establish sexual life and relationship of trust with your partner, buying generic Cialis is justified and necessary.

Which Drug to Choose?

The mechanism of action and contraindications of drugs presented in our store are identical, but they differ by receiving mode, dosage and duration. Please note, if you want to find the way to increase libido the pills will not be of help. They only affect the mechanical properties of the penis. Due to their impact, cavernous bodies fill with blood and the penis gains hardness necessary for normal sexual intercourse. Before buying generic ED drugs, you need to experience sexual attraction for the full effectiveness of the drug.

Generic Viagra - a copy of the famous Viagra manufactured by Pfizer. The main active ingredient of generic Viagra as well as the usual Viagra is Sildenafil, whose contents in each tablet is 100 mg, which is sufficient to produce the maximum effect. Duration of action is equal to 4 hours.

Generic Cialis - is a copy of Cialis, manufactured by Eli Lilly pharmaceutical concern. The main active ingredient is Tadalafil that increases blood circulation in the pelvic area so men experiencing problems with potency can get healthy and natural erection for sexual intercourse in response to sexual stimulation.

Generic Levitra - the most modern and effective drug that is a copy of Levitra, manufactured by concern Bayer. The active drug substance is Vardenffil which showed excellent results in the treatment of erectile dysfunction of various etiologies. Unlike Viagra and Cialis, Vardenafil has minimally possible side effects and is effective even in a 10 mg dosage. Duration of action of the drug equal to 4-5 hours after which its effectiveness gradually decreases. Most of our customers who, for whatever reason did not fit Viagra or Cialis, set their sights on Levitra.

These drugs are not addictive and have no impact on male reproductive function; you take them only once before intercourse, no long-term course of treatment is assumed.

The difference between Viagra, Cialis and Levitra

Drug Dosage Time before the action Dosing Fat foods or alcohol Effect duration
Viagra 100 mg, 150 mg 1 hour orally, washed down with water not allowed 3-4 hours
Cialis 20 mg, 40 mg 30 minutes orally, washed down with water not allowed 36 hours
Levitra 20 mg, 40 mg 10 minutes - 1 hour orally, washed down with water not allowed 12 hours

If you are facing the problem of erectile dysfunction or feel unsure during sex because of premature ejaculation, then here you can buy Viagra and other effective generic drugs of the highest quality which surely will bring the joy back into of life and give a lot of new experiences!

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